Accredited Certification Program

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Grant Open Group skills certifications to your staff

The Open Group offers the industry’s most credible certification programs for IT Architects and Specialists:

Accepted and applicable worldwide, these programs have certified thousands of professionals in more than 60 countries.

An organization can have its own internal certification programs accredited by The Open Group by becoming an Accredited Certification Program (ACP) provider. We can also help organizations that are looking to develop a profession framework for their IT staff by providing them with high quality documentation of criteria, processes and quality management aspects. This results in significant and often immediate return on investment (ROI) e.g. in reducing contractor days.

Enhance your competitiveness while offering exceptional career development

In addition to meeting The Open Group’s Conformance Requirements for the program, ACP providers can add their own corporate, industry or cultural requirements. The program can also be linked to areas such as performance management criteria and incorporated into your organization’s career development programs.

Additional benefits of the ACP program include:

  • Significant savings in certification fees
  • Increased scalability
  • External recognition of your career development programs
  • High quality, updated documentation of criteria, processes and quality management aspects
  • Freedom to staff and conduct your own certification boards with qualified personnel at the time and place of your choosing
  • The security of keeping sensitive account information in-house
  • The opportunity to participate in our highly influential Open CA and Open CITS work groups by becoming a Platinum Member of The Open Group

For more information about ACP Accreditation, contact us